I’m feeling a little sad today …My wife left me…!! I guess I
just don’t understand women. After the last child was born, my wife
told me that we had to start cutting back on expenses — and that I
had to give up drinking beer.

I was not a big drinker; maybe a 12 pack on weekends…, and a couple
of cold ones during the week on the way home from work. Anyway, I
gave it up but I noticed the other day she came home from grocery
shopping and when I looked at the receipt, I saw $45 for makeup.
I said, “Hey, wait a minute! I’ve given up beer and you haven’t given
up anything!”
She said, “I buy that makeup, just so I can look pretty for you.”
I told her, “Hell, that’s what the beer was for!” Somehow I don’t
think she’ll be coming back…!!
Women, go figure..


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