Dog Killed

A young boy in Macon Georgia was attacked by a dog. A passerby

grabbed the dog and choked it to death, saving the child’s life.

As this was all happening, the editor of the Macon newspaper was

driving by. He was thrilled to have witnessed this act of heroism

by the man. He told the man that his name would be on the front

page of the next day’s edition. The headline would read, “Macon

man saves boy’s life”.

The man replied, “That’s wonderful, but I’m not from Macon.”

The editor says, “Fine, how about, ‘Georgia man saves boy’s life’?”

The man says, “That’s fine, but I’m not from Georgia.”

The editor says, “Okay, where are you from?”

The man explains that he is on vacation from Illinois.

The next day, the front page of the paper read, “Deranged Yankee

Kills Family Pet.”


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