Funny Jokes

I’ve got what?

Then there was the old man who just hadn’t been feeling well at all, went in and had a thorough exam.

The Doctor comes in and says, with obvious concern in his voice: “Mr. Smith, I’m afraid its not good. I have bad news and really bad news.”

Smith looks him in the eye, and with only the faintest quaver, says, “I can take it Doc. What’s the worst?”

“I’m afraid you have a malignant brain tumor and its inoperable. I doubt if you have more than 6 months to live.”

He slumped down, put his face in his hands and just stared at the floor a minute. Then he looked up and said, “OK, Doc. What’s the bad news?”

“You have Alzheimers.”

“Thank God!” he said in obvious relief. “I was afraid I had cancer!”

Joe Lieberman
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