Driving like Mom

Driving like mom

Two friends were driving to the store and on the way, they came upon an
intersection with a stoplight. The light showed red, but the driver
went right through the red light. The passenger screamed at the driver,
“What are you doing? You’re going to get us killed!”

The drive said, “Don’t worry, my mother always drives like this.”

Later on, they came to another stoplight which was red. The driver sped
right through the light. Again the passenger looked at the driver and
said, “I thought I told you, you’re gonna get us killed! Would you
please stop this nonsense!”

The driver said, “All right! I get it, but I told you my mother drives
like this all the time.”

They came to another intersection, but this time the light was green.
The driver slammed on his brakes and stopped the car completely. The
passenger yelled, “What are you doing now? This is the third time you
almost got us killed. Why did you stop at a green light?”

“My mother might be coming the other way.”

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