Paper Boy – Funny Jokes

A paperboy said to a customer one day, “Mr. Smith, I wish I had twenty customers like you.”
“Gosh, that’s nice to hear,” said Smith, “but I’m kind of surprised considering I never tip all that well and always pay late.”
The paperboy said, “I know, but I’d still like twenty customers like you. The problem is I have one hundred and forty!”

4 comments so far

  1. nene on

    lol but i hope no one actually said that in real life that would piss a few people off hey??

  2. josheline samano on

    You are very boring and none of these so called “JOKES” ARE EVEN THE SLITEST FUNNY!

  3. Moose on

    that joke really sucked

  4. don on

    don,t read them

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